One of my favorite movies growing up was “Mr. Mom.”  I thought it was really funny.  The gist of the movie is:

“During the 1980s recession, automobile engineer Jack Butler (Michael Keaton) is fired from his job. When his wife, Caroline (Teri Garr), finds a job before he does, they switch roles, placing him in the unfamiliar position of homemaker and caretaker to their three children. He embarks upon a series of misadventures, from navigating grocery store trips to playing poker games with housewives. Jack and Caroline must figure out the intricacies of their new roles while maintaining their relationship.”

Jack, the main character was super funny.  He was arrogant.  Headstrong.  He thought raising a family and being a “mom” at home was easy.

Cocky you could say.

So much so that taking his kids to school, was to Jack, the simplest of chores.  However, in doing so, his kids and the traffic monitor all inform him that in the way HE was doing it, he was in fact “doing it wrong.”

Of course, Jack’s ego didn’t allow his kids or anyone else to tell him how to do anything.  He knows how.  He knows all.

The clip shown here explains that outcome and details some important lessons about how you can approach work and life:

You can be arrogant or you can listen.

You can go your way, or the way that is likely more effective.

You can be open to learning or being the guy doing it wrong.

You have choices and can evolve.

Don’t be a Jack.