The Who, What and Why

Learn more about Digitize University. The reasons, mission and people behind it.

The Reasons


We believe with every fiber of our being, that today is the most opportune time in modern history to digitally rethink how we offer and distribute our knowledge and experience to the world.

That’s why we created Digitize University – information, know-how and insights that allow you to compete (and yes, stay relevant) in our world today.  We are living in a VERY unique MOMENT in time. It is full of opportunity to those that know how to have success in this digital world. If you could have bought $1000 in Amazon stock back in 1997, would you? Of course. It’s cheap and your upside would have been over $2 million today.

Join those that rely on Digitize University to help guide their digital lives are now banking on themselves in ways they never dreamed possible. Read what some of them that are saying about what they’ve learned and the impact on their lives. As a first step, we encourage you to take our free training for yourself! 


The Mission


But this isn’t about making a billion dollars.  We’ve built Digitize University on the mission that helping others understand and leverage their digital life is as important as creating a great platform for doing so. Our mission is to share our knowledge, bring personal touch to helping your understand the power and opportunity you have to benefit personally and economically living in this digital world and never stop loving what we do.

The People


Meet the key folks behind the scenes—the ones that provide you the knowledge, insight, support AND the mindset to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your your digital life today.

Christopher Brya


Chris is a digital marketing pioneer (he launched the first global travel app in the Apple App Store) and has worked in digital marketing leadership roles for 20 years working with companies like Motorola, Revlon, Choice Hotels and GoDaddy where he helped achieved digital success for those businesses. He started Digitize University to help people establish and grow their digital lives online and empowering them to do amazing things they’re proud of.

David McFadden


David lives and breathes operations, which is a nice way of saying that he has the unique knack of assessing any situation, sees what others do not and gets things done. His super skill is keeping the trains running on time and making sure that everyone and everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

Donna Fisher

Technical Writing & Training

Donna’s mission is to help individuals become more successful than they ever dreamed possible by creating content and information that does exactly that. She does this by expertly creating, writing and crafting a strategic, consumable content to help get our students where they want to be.

Bill Normandy

Digital Marketing Manager

Bill’s experience is in creating marketing material and implementing online digital marketing campaigns with proven positive results. He oversees and creates marketing and sales content: email campaigns, paid social and PPC marketing, video content and more in order to extend our digital footprint online.