The Who, What and Why

Learn more about Digitize University. The reasons, mission and people behind it.

The Reason and The Mission

We believe with every fiber of our being, that today is the most opportune time in modern history to digitally rethink how we offer and distribute our knowledge and experience to the world.

That’s why we created Digitize University –To inspire and empower our students through tools, stories, and education to help them digitize their lives by shifting their talents, skills, experiences or passions online and leveraging the Internet at scale.

The People

Meet the key folks behind the scenes—the ones that provide you the knowledge, insight, support AND the mindset to take action and create extraordinary transformations in your your digital life today.

Chris Brya

Christopher Brya

Chris is the founder of Digitize University, a peer-to-peer educational practice that applies the principles digital business, marketing e-commerce and strategy for working professionals with the goal of moving their experience, talents, skills and passions online, to the Internet, and simultaneously improving their work/life balance, autonomy and income impact.

Chris is a digital marketing pioneer (he launched the first global travel app in the Apple App Store) and has worked in digital business and marketing leadership roles for 20 years working with companies like Motorola, Revlon, Choice Hotels and GoDaddy where he helped increase online revenues in the billions of dollars for those organizations.

Chris received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Arizona State University and while in college, trained in digital technologies at the Barrow Neurological Institute in the Department of neurosurgery research, where he worked to get FDA approval for a 3D surgical instrument that helped surgeons locate intracranial tumors.

He is the host of The DigitizeYOU! Podcast, a new and fast-growing popular podcast covering the topics of digital business literacy and income diversification through the intelligent shifting of one’s skills to the Internet economy rather than solely with an individual employer.

He lives in Phoenix, Arizona spending quality time with his wife and two kids.


Chris receives speaking honorariums from organizations including conferences and digital businesses when he is asked to speak on e-commerce, digital transformations, entrepreneurship, and his personal experience.

Chris is the founder and CEO of the digital incubator Digitize Media, LLC

Chris is an investor in the digital companies Meta, Alphabet, PayPal, Amazon, Dropbox, Apple and GoDaddy.