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What do these digital skills allow me to do exactly?

What we show you in our workshop are the key digital skills everyone needs to have today.  These are crucial life skills that, once learned, allow you to transfer your life/work experience, talent, knowledge or passion to the Internet where you are able to live life on your terms, get paid what you’re worth, do what you love while providing you more discretionary time to do what matters to you most.

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If I learn these skills, what outcomes are possible?

Learning these skills offers luxuries that you likely would find meaningful.  Our students after learning and implementing them are often able to:

Stop working for someone else
Retire early
Fully fund their retirement
Pay back their student loans (or their children’s)
Travel on their terms
Live to their intent and their happiness
Contribute to the world in much bigger ways
And much more.

If you would like to learn more, take our free training workshop and find out the details.

Is "digitizing my life" easy to do?

Shifting your experience, skills, knowledge or passion to the Internet is simple but still takes work.  The hard part is knowing precisely what is vital to do vs. what is optional, as well as knowing the most effective processes, the right order and strategy needed to start and how to implement and grow.  This is what we help with using our 20+ years of digital experience to make sure you have all of the tools you need to digitize your life.

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How big is the potential of the Internet for individuals today?

It’s enormous.  The Internet has generated more wealth in the last 20 years than in the history of the industrialized world.  And its only just begun.  The Internet has matured and anyone with the know-how can really capitalize on this fact now and in the long-term.  And if you’re playing the long game of life, which we assume you are, going digital isn’t optional, it’s mandatory.

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Is going online just about making more money?

No, that’s just a by-product.  It’s really about finding your true happiness and leveraging the digital world you are already living in.  If you are truly happy with your career, your income, future, your day-to-day life, your ability to grow for the next 20 years without fear, worry or concern, great.  You’ve won.

If however, you would like more out of life and doing what truly makes you happy on your terms, and yes, earning what you’re truly worth, the Internet not only makes that feasible, when you know what you’re doing, it makes it nearly inevitable.

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Can I learn all of this on my own?

You sure can.  It’s like anything.  You can Google “how to extract my tooth” if you have a toothache and conduct your own oral extractions. Or, you can hire a professional to help you. 

The choice really comes down to where you want to spend your time, place your effort and how much trial/error you’re willing to go through.  Those are the only real barriers.

We advocate that you can climb the highest mountains in the world on your own.  But there are always helicopters to the top as well. 

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Why is having the digital know-how the key?

Simply put: the world has changed.  Everything today is digital today.  Think about it: having careers/jobs working 9-5, while sometimes great and fulfilling, cannot scale the way the digital world can.  Simply put, you can work 40+ hours per week for ONE employer and get paid what they say you are worth. 

Or, you can offer your talent, experience and skills online and get paid your true worth, by thousands or tens of thousands of people.  Which has the greater long term potential?

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Has technology changed us for the better?

Not “better”, but technology has just exposed us to opportunity.  This opportunity is still here.  It’s available for you to leverage when you want it. You just need the know-how. 

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I'm on social media. I use the Internet. Is that not enough?

Let’s have some real talk. This isn’t about dabbling online.  The stark reality is this:

If you want a life, freedom and income that scales in this digital world, you need to know how to make that happen IN the digital world.  If cannot move your skills, talent or experience online and offer them directly to the world on-demand, you run the risk of being IRRELEVANT in society today.

I know that sounds stark, but it is simply a fact of our life today. This isn’t judgmental. It’s that the world has changed. Forever. We believe you are at the most opportune time in history to change as well.

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Does doing all of this take work?

Of course.  Everything you do takes work. There are no free rides. 

  • You can learn it on your own. 
  • You can learn with help. 
  • You can avoid it all and do nothing.
  • You can hope you can get by without having a digital life. 

These are just choices you need to make.  They all come with consequences.  We teach you what you need to know to take your experience, passion and knowledge online because that is where the world is today and it’s the best way to live your life on your terms for the long-term.

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So what is the first step one needs to make?

Understand you are living in a unique moment in time. Think about where your finish line is or what you want your finish line to be and work backwards. 

Know this: Life is long, so win the long game. This digital era isn’t about making $10 million dollars a week or needing to build the next Microsoft or Amazon.  That’s not required.

Digitizing your life is required however.  And it’s smart.  You’re smart. It’s why you’re here. That’s not patronizing, that’s reality. We want to help you define your value, your way, on your terms using the Internet because it allows you to do that at scale.

If that’s sparked your interest, take our free training workshop and find out what you really need to know to make it happen.

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