In this era when anything and everything can be “learned” online, you need to be careful of a couple of things:

Whose Opinion You Listen To

Sometimes we’re listening to a voice or random comment from years ago from family or friends which have no current basis in anything we are doing now, but are nonetheless preventing us from fully enjoying our current situation.

Critics have their role in the arts. We expect that they are informed and trained in doing so. However, it’s usually easier for anyone to critique than create. You need to understand who has actually been in the arena vs those watching from the stands. Merely voicing opinion and personal opinions are many times very misguided at best and at worst, unbelievably misinformed.

You Have to Ride

You can watch 150 videos on YouTube about learning to ride a bike. You can download hundreds of PDFs on the same. You can watch the Tour de France and take notes. You can attend bike safety courses. All are great.

But to ride a bike, you have to get on and ride.

There are no shortcuts.

You can to learn the balancing act.

You have to learn when to move and when to shift.

You need to learn sometimes by a fall here and there.

But it’s the only way to go from knowing to doing. Doing is where the roads come to you, the wind gets in your hair and the finish line comes into place.

Don’t put your faith in information, advice or people who can teach you to ride a bike without having ridden one themselves.