One of the questions we get about digitizing one’s life, whether its experience, knowledge or a passion, is: I have no idea what to sell. While that question is certainly popular and easily addressed with knowledge, the bigger issue that I want to talk about is that you don’t really sell anything.

What do I mean?

Well, most people, myself included, never want to do is appear “salesy.”  Why is that? Well, first off, sales people (no not all of them) are often grimy. This isn’t because they’re bad people, but instead because they’ve been using the archaic narrative that you must convince someone to part with their money in order to succeed. The transaction is the goal. Not only does this no longer work, but it’s offensive and puts people off. The transaction is never the goal.

What is the goal then?

What you need to remember in today’s world is that nobody likes salespeople. Nobody wants to be “pitched” and nobody wants to feel sold to. What people want is HELP. Once you offer help, you open up the conversation to see HOW you can help, WHEN your help makes sense and WHY you’re the one to help. People don’t mind being helped. They hate being sold.

So always think in terms of help in whatever you are offering, doing or providing. How much help you can provide? Why is your help is needed or necessary or vital? What are the outcomes by obtaining your help? Once you position your knowledge, gift, experience or passion around the concept of help, the less you will ever need to sell.

And boy that feels much better than ever being in “sales.”