In our ever-evolving digital age, there are a host of accessible tools that can help you manage your time, encourage motivation, and help you stay focused. Here are some of the best tools once you discover how to be a digital nomad:

The digital world we all live in give us unprecedented amounts of ways to get things done. The best tools of course are the ones that help keep you on track, pushes you to be more efficient, help you stay motivated and keep you pushing your brand, even when you may not feel like doing so or are stretched for time.

In that regard, we want to offer a few great resources for doing all of the above. So lets get to the list…

This one takes some getting used to, but will help you focus quickly as it’s main job is making sure that what you write gets out of you before its too late. With this app, it allows you to write or take notes, BUT it will start to delete your words if you become distracted and stop typing for too long. Scary, risky but super effective! We tried it and realized that being pushed into our discomfort zone can be powerful way of getting stuff done and remaining on task. Try it and see if it does the same for you!

Social media marketing is a good tool when well used. The problem? It can get time consuming and none of us has more than 24 hours a day. Buffer offers help by giving you a tool that can schedule your social posts and keep you content out on the platforms that you choose. It allows you a “one stop shop” for your organic social media needs. This provides efficiency in not having to log into each platform when you want post, allows you to schedule posts when you’re busy or on vacation. And it allows you to monitor activity and handle interactions when you’re not on the native app.

Office 365
Most of us have used the 3 horsemen of business tools: Microsoft Word, Main (Outlook), Excel, PowerPoint. Now maybe you don’t love them, but these are the tools for business and allow you to communicate in the fashions people expect. Having an Office 365 package/account allows you to have all of these tools on any device you want accessible anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. Much improved and play nicer with the apps you also might use like Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and more. Get more information on how it can work for you here.

When you’re in the digital world, you need to get a break. It’s widely known that meditation is proven to boost productivity. Headspace is an app that you can use anywhere in the world, helping you by providing strategically, 10 invaluable minutes of meditation a day, allowing you to settle your mind, increase your ability to focus on the main 1-3 things (not everything) and that is a vital key in making your digital world work!

Give these a try to help you get more done online, stay focused on the tasks at hand, avoid the noise and get you to your finish line!