What pain do you have?
What do you wish you could do?
What do you need?
What pain point that you have that if solved, would make your world 100% better?

You don’t need to launch the next Facebook or Uber or Amazon.com

Build what YOU wish existed. You know it.

Don’t boil the ocean. The game is to figure out what you do well and what you like to do. That’s the absolute key to the universe. But once you figure that out? What do you do?

Go narrow. Go deep.

It’s an incredible time, the internet makes it possible. So do what you know and go deep as far as you can go. We have our lives, our passions our interests. Go crazy on pushing that.

Then grab attention.

What if you don’t know what you do well and what you like to do?

Well, I think you’re 100% shortchanging yourself.

You have an amazing talent. Maybe it’s what you’re getting paid for now. Maybe it’s something you do for your family or friends. Maybe it’s untapped, but you know what you’re good at. Likely better than anyone else. You can find that. If you need help, let us know and we can help you find it. But once you find, it, you now have the responsibility to take that to the world. Using the Internet. Grabbing attention. Creating your message. Going narrow and deep.

You can do this. Not sexy? Well, yes, you won’t be a trillionaire doing this.

But then again, maybe you can go from $51,000 to $247,800 in 18 months?

People are doing so. All. The. Time.

They just have tapped into scratching their own itch, helping people with the same and doing it at scale leveraging the digital world (a.k.a. the Internet)

Go forward and do likewise.