Money is not the guide to happiness.

Money is just a means. It is something we all need for sure. (As my dad was known to say, “It’s something I need in case I don’t die tomorrow.) And it does have its importance.

It certainly allows our lives to work. And hopefully, your finish line includes have money work for you instead of the other way around. So I don’t want to minimize the importance of it. It’s important to live in this world today. But money you can make, and have a greater say in how, how much and when and where than ever before. Hell, that’s one of the cornerstones of this entire company. But there are more important achievements than money.

The real guide

In a nutshell, it’s truly about doing what you want, at scale, and being happy. Your time is finite, but they way you use your time to do the things you want, your way to have the work-life balance you desire and spending your time on this planet on your terms? Entirely up to you. And yes at incomes that you desire.

It’s a Remarkable Time.

The Internet is the leveler. My sister-in-law has reminded me from time to time that “water seeks its own level” meaning that people that are high drivers for example, find friends/colleagues that are similar. This is true in business and in life. And it’s true with respect to the Internet. It offers opportunity and those that seek opportunity, just need to find it, use and and leverage it.

It’s not super complicated.

You just need to know how. Like being in shape. Eat well, move. Easy to read that in a blog post or as a meme in your social media feed. Hard to implement. That’s why there are trainers and coaches. They help you execute on the simple ideas/concepts to help you get to your finish line.

Leverage the Internet for opportunity. Take advantage of this time where the playing field is indeed level in the online/digital/Internet space.

Utilize that and you’ll get to your happiness.

The money follows.