Make The Internet Your Middle Man

The opportunity to do what you want to do and be happy is FAR greater in the digital world where the internet is the middle man is not an actual human or company Digital is the game. It’s democratized opportunity. Think back to our commercial history in the industrial mass media complex. All of the opportunity was owned. Typically by old, white, wealthy men. They dictated what evolved on TV, radio, print for the masses to consume.

It was about reach on their terms. It was about scale on their terms. It was about ratings and whomever rated the reach and scale got to determine what was distributed and what we consumed.

Enter the Internet

The Internet leveled this playing field. It’s how a guy named Jeff Bezos decided to build and online bookstore. Why? He could. He saw the opportunity online via the Internet. There was no barrier to start. He did not need to ask the old, wealth, white men for permission.

The Internet exposed opportunity.

Now is a staple in our lives and made Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man on Earth.

But guess what?

The Internet has no bounds. Those outside forces are no more. It’s just up to you to say “I want in.” It STILL offers opportunity to all of us. The next Jeff Bezos with a great idea. To YOU as well, whatever your idea or passion may be. It’s waiting for you to not only consume but to provide. Your vision. Your product. Your service.

Please do not stand idly by and watch others reach their finish lines on their terms. Nothing is stopping you.

Go and do likewise!