I had someone recently asked me, “Hey Chris, is it too late for me to get started doing something online? I’m 54 years old and I’ve been working in a job my whole life I just don’t know if making this kind of leap makes sense at my age.”

My response to him was obvious which is: it’s never too late.

You have so much experience background and knowledge that you’re not even close to done. The world is ready and waiting for what you can offer. And the Internet make that possible for you to offer your skills to the world at scale like in no other time in history.

The other reality is that with the way medicine and science is today we are all going to live longer than our parents did or grandparents did. That fact alone gives us license to really leverage our knowledge and provide solutions for the world using the Internet in ways maybe we don’t know how we could be doing but absolutely should.

I know that it might seem difficult if you’ve gone through 30 years of working for someone else that doing something on your own might be daunting. But the key takeaway is this: you were not close to being finished. Your book isn’t over. The chapters are still in front of you. Having a certain age doesn’t mean anything anymore. And guess what?

Nobody cares.

The market will accept you and what you’re doing if you’re wanting to do more, if you’re looking to offer more to the world and you’re looking to get more satisfaction and happiness out of all of that experience based on all of that you have done.

The last thing you want is to think “I could have done that” or “I should’ve done that” and “why didn’t I do that?” Those are regrets you never want to have.

What you need to do is educate yourself on this new digital world. You figured out tougher things. You’ve gone through relationships. Maybe you’ve been married (or divorced) have raised kids, put kids in college, dealt with economic and personal loss. Your list is huge I’m sure.

Learning the digital world and how you can make a real mark in it? That’s going to pale in comparison to what you’ve accomplished and done.

So, if you have the right mindset and you’re ready to deploy that experience you’re gained, The world is ready for you. You’ve earned your wrinkles and your graying hair. Just know that you can do this. Others have. You can too.

You’ve conquered way more.

The best is absolutely yet to come.