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Some Cool Tools for The Digital Life

In our ever-evolving digital age, there are a host of accessible tools that can help you manage your time, encourage motivation, and help you stay focused. Here are some of the best tools once you discover how to be a digital nomad: The digital world we all live in...

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Money Is Not The Guide to Happiness.

Money is not the guide to happiness. Money is just a means. It is something we all need for sure. (As my dad was known to say, “It’s something I need in case I don’t die tomorrow.) And it does have its importance. It certainly allows our lives to work. And hopefully,...

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Make The Internet Your Middle Man

Make The Internet Your Middle Man The opportunity to do what you want to do and be happy is FAR greater in the digital world where the internet is the middle man is not an actual human or company Digital is the game. It’s democratized opportunity. Think back to our...

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Scratch Your Own Itch

What pain do you have? What do you wish you could do? What do you need? What pain point that you have that if solved, would make your world 100% better? You don’t need to launch the next Facebook or Uber or Build what YOU wish existed. You know it. Don’t...

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It’s Never Too Late

I had someone recently asked me, “Hey Chris, is it too late for me to get started doing something online? I’m 54 years old and I’ve been working in a job my whole life I just don’t know if making this kind of leap makes sense at my age.” My response to him was obvious...

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