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Are You Leading Or Following?

So as the 2019 Tour de France is coming to a close, I was reminded of cyclists that simply follow directly behind another to draft.  This drafting is so they can gain some advantage of streamlining behind which saves them energy based on the wind being disrupted by...

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There Are No Secret Tips or Hacks

I wish there were. I wish a secret existed to get you to your finish line on your terms. Working the way you want, how you want, sharing your gifts with the world and living your happiness. But there isn’t. However, because we are living in the most amazing time ever,...

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You Don’t Sell Anything

One of the questions we get about digitizing one’s life, whether its experience, knowledge or a passion, is: I have no idea what to sell. While that question is certainly popular and easily addressed with knowledge, the bigger issue that I want to talk about is that...

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You Need To Ride The Bike

In this era when anything and everything can be “learned” online, you need to be careful of a couple of things: Whose Opinion You Listen To Sometimes we're listening to a voice or random comment from years ago from family or friends which have no current basis in...

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