I hear it all the time:

“It’s way easier said than done.”

The problem with this is the mentality. What we really are saying is that we cannot embrace the idea of believing in ourselves.

We don’t believe it can happen (to us.)
We can’t see that it can happen (for us.)
We think it’s just too difficult to do (for all.)
We’re afraid of what it might take to change.
We’re afraid of what happens if we DO change.
We’re afraid of what people might say AS we change.
We’re afraid of what people might say AFTER we change.
We concerned about what we tell ourselves once we change.

All of this is internal head baggage. It’s nonsense. It’s noise.

And yet many people simply believe that. That’s completely normal.

But why react to or be normal? What does staying where you are right now, doing what you’re doing right now and living the life you have right now get you?

Comfort? Perhaps.
Regularity? Perhaps.

But what if you were dismissive of the global idea of “change” but instead, just made a small tiny step? What if that baby step manifests itself inside of you to create other outcomes? Outcomes that take you from status quo to where you really aspire to be.


Be dismissive of change and being “normal.” When you stop living your life in fear or at the expectation of others, you start to really live your life on your terms.

Maybe, for the very first time.