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HR Manager

“DU really helped me to scale up in ways that I am still coming to learn. I found that was able to impact others in a much deeper way and help them – and by doing so, also growing myself as a person in nearly every way. I also learned to appreciate the strength and scale of digital at that personal level. I now have the tools to offer my talent without barriers allowing me the freedom to dream bigger.”

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Absolutely fantastic. I’ve already used what I’ve learned for less than a week and it’s invaluable. It’s so well presented and thought out which made it easy and it features precisely what I was hoping for without being overwhelmed.

Julie S., Chicago, IL

Accounts Payable Specialist

I’m glad I didn’t have to learn anything technical. I’m a blue collar guy and thought online stuff would be super challenging. What I learned is that it is NOT.  If I can snake a drain, I can get my digital life going!  Thanks everyone. PS:  Loved my checkpoints!

Kyle N., Biloxi, MS


I just wanted to officially thank you for helping me navigate this online world. I really enjoyed the process and you guys made sure I knew what I was doing. 

Eric H., Los Angeles, CA

Financial Planner

I love your course. I didn’t think I really could be “digital”, but I have to admit, you got me off my ass, and started me approaching my future like a real adult in a proactive way instead of letting things happen to me.

Barry R., Phladelphia, PA

Social Worker

Why didn’t I learn this earlier? Honestly. In this new day and age, it’s hard to really know what going “online” means and what is truly possible.  Plus, as you guys say, the world HAS changed. Thanks for showing me the way!

Ivan C., Fort Collins, CO

Restaurant Manager

I never knew how out of touch I was in this era until I needed to get a job. I was laid off from a very large company. Hurt me bad financially and personally. I’m 54 years old and thought my career was over. Then I took a leap, enrolled in your course, and your online/digital instruction proved to me that new tactics and strategy = new happy path. I feel so good. Thank you very much.

Fred Garvey, Las Vegas, NV

"Former" Marketing Manager

I worked in the project management software industry for nearly fifteen years and lost my job due to cutbacks. I was out of the job market a long time and had no idea what to do next. You made it possible for me not only to compete again, but to win online in a huge way! Thanks.

James D., Austin, TX

Project Manager

I just finished using it, and the reaction from me (and my family) has been amazing. For the first time, I really see a long term future online that I dictate. The information was genuinely a pleasure, I was supported throughout to help me fully understand and put it all to use!

Dennis R., New Haven, CT

Human Resources Director

First off, you guys have done a fantastic job creating and supplying a great educational product! And you’ve single-handedly revolutionized how I look at my present and future career path. I went from working the daily grind to going online and doing what is bringing me real happiness. I’m free! Thank you very much.

Megan K., Madison, WI

Marketing Specialist

I enrolled one weekend after watching the free training and three weeks in, got setup fully online and am already generating revenue and doing what I really love. I’ve been amazed! You created an outstanding product and I love it. Thanks.

Joe H., Provo, UT

Marketing Specialist

I thought I’d have to learn tons and tons of software stuff and code and technical crap.  Glad I believed you.  It is way easier than I thought.  Thanks for walking me through!

Alison V., Athens GA

"Stay at home" mom

Just a quick note: this course is the best training about getting online to succeed today I’ve ever seen – you guys rock! Thanks for all of the support and hand holding too!”

Nate S., West Palm Beach, FL

Graphic Designer

We must tell you…

While we are immensely proud of these success stories, you have to know that all of these students worked really hard, followed the skills they learned to a T, invested in themselves and their time to succeed. You cannot assume that what they did you will do. You could do better or worse. The outcome and finish line is always yours to own.


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